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Our Products

At Marble Tradition, we specialize in custom jobs and will be happy to recommend a solution for your renovation that will suit your needs and style. We offer a variety of colours, patterns and designs.


The advantages of our Cultured Products, besides making your bathroom beautiful & luxurious:

  • Mold, mildew, water and stain resistant.
  • Non-porous and lighter weight than natural stone.
  • More affordable than natural stone.
  • Durable & easy to maintain
  • Damages can be repaired.
  • Option of seamless sink & top.
  • Faucet & sink holes are done for you.
  • No fading occurs
  • No grout lines for mildew or bacteria growth
  • A variety of sizes, colours & shapes


Marble Tradition We specialize in custom jobs and offer variety of colours, patterns and designs

Standard Shower Bases:

Custom shower bases can easily be made to suit your situation.

  • Marble Tradition - Standard Shower Bases Rectangular 48in x 33in
    Rectangular 48in x 33in
  • Marble Tradition - Standard Shower Bases Square 36in x 36in
    Square 36in x 36in
  • Marble Tradition - Standard Shower Bases Corner 38in x 38in
    Corner 38in x 38in
  • Tub Replacement - Left or Right End Drain 60in x 32in
    Tub Replacement 60in x 32in


Sink Styles:

Vessel bowls are also available.

  • Marble Tradition - Rectangular
  • Marble Tradition Sink - Shell
  • Marble Tradition Sink - Round
  • Marble Tradition Sink - Diamond
  • Marble Tradition Sink - Square
  • Marble Tradition Sink - Oval



The accessories that go with your tub and shower are all matched with panel colours

  • Marble Tradition - Double soap & Shampoo Holder
    Double soap & Shampoo Holder
  • Marble Tradition - Single soap & Shampoo Holder
    Single soap & Shampoo Holder
  • Marble Tradition - Soap Dish
    Soap Dish
  • Marble Tradition - Toilet Paper Holder
    Toilet Paper Holder
  • Marble Tradition - Shampoo Holder
    Shampoo Holder
  • Marble Tradition - Corner Shampoo/Soap
    Corner Shampoo/Soap
  • Marble Tradition - Toothbrush Tumbler
    Toothbrush Tumbler
  • Marble Tradition - Toothbrush Holder
    Toothbrush Holder
  • Marble Tradition - Towel Bar and Ends
    Towel Bar & Ends
  • Marble Tradition - Corner Oval Shower Seat
    Corner Oval Shower Seat