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5 Must-Know Bathroom Renovation Tips

5 Must-Know Bathroom Renovation Tips

Renovating your bathroom can be a tough task that requires money and several lengthy procedures. Trying to put several things in order like re-imagining an existing layout, getting the necessary fixtures available, etc. can be challenging.

But do not fret, we have arranged the best bathroom renovation tips for your bathroom, to ensure that your remodel goes smoothly.

1. Stick To Your Planned Bathroom Layout

Do not make unneeded modifications to your existing sanitaryware layout- the modifications you make may end up increasing your plumbing cost. If you want to relocate some important elements, then you should consider locating the toilet in a place that makes it easier to connect to the existing soil pipe. After finalizing the bathroom design, ensure that it isn’t changed, but before giving it your go-ahead, show it to the electrician, tier, and other related trade to ensure that there exists nothing that would interfere with their work.

2. Keep The Design Simple

Simple, they say, is perfect. The design of your bathroom renovation should be as simple as possible and make sure you avoid curves, ornate decorative moldings, including non-important fixtures or ornamentation. So that you don’t go broke after carrying out a bathroom renovation, keep the design simple; it’s perfect that way.

3. Hide Pipework

You can’t allow those pipes to be seen, it dents the beauty of your bathroom and makes it look untidy. For a clean appearance, ask your plumber to cover pipework, including service in flooring, ceilings, and boxing. By concealing pipework, you make it very easy to lay ties as there would be no obstruction whatsoever. But ensure that important components can be reached in situations when s leak occurs.

4. Don’t Install Too Much Lightning

Remember, keep it simple. Yes, lightning can bring out the beauty of your bathroom, but once too much, they can make your bathroom look weird. Make use of pendant lightning, just one central fitting would be cheaper than opting for individual downlights or wall light. You can take a look at multi-bulb fittings that need just one power cable for a flexible design.
If rewiring your home is among your renovation, you can consider installing something complex like having two circuits of bathroom lightings, one for task lights and the other ( dimmable) for mood lights.

5. Add Lots Of Storage

Nothing can spoil an amazing new room faster than clutter, so always have it in mind to create lots of storage in your bathroom. To ensure that everything is concealed, you can consider using storage furniture, including baskets.
Fitted-furniture comes the chance to achieve a well-planned finish, but it needs to be organized from the beginning. You can also make use of wall-mounted modular furniture, to make good use of spaces in areas that are cluster-prone.

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