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Home Upgrades that Pay Off

Home Upgrades that Pay Off

You want to upgrade your home, but you also want to reduce energy bills and increase value? If anyone said that it is impossible, don’t believe them because here are some upgrades that really do pay off at the end:

1. Change Your Garage Door

The number one upgrade with the highest ROI is oddly enough – garage door replacement (98.3%). So what’s the deal with home flippers and garages? Well, buying a new door, even a high-quality one is fairly cheap.

Plus, new garage doors increase curb appeal, therefore, home value. Every statistic out there shows that in 2019, home buyers are obsessed with the house’s aesthetic look and exterior.

2. New Entry, New Steps

Nothing says oh my gosh like an amazing and powerful entrance. If you cannot afford front door replacement or installing tiles and bricks on your entry path, do not worry. Increasing the front door appeal can be done by simple repainting jobs, flower boxes and pots, outdoor lighting, canopies and authentic seating areas. While you are doing these upgrades, remember the importance of symmetry as it is one of the basic principles for aesthetic pleasure.

3. A Refreshed Kitchen

There has been a lot of debate on whether kitchen upgrades pay off at the end. Our answer is… Of course, they do, if you choose them wisely. Instead of investing $30 000 on a totally new kitchen, go for partial renovations like repainting the cabinets, adding a kitchen island, countertop replacement or even buying a water filter. Make the most out of the kitchen you already have.

4. Roof Replacement

Nobody wants their ceilings to drip like broken faucets on house viewing day.  If you have an old roof or if you haven’t been cleaning both it and the gutters, consider roof replacement.

With time, roofs deteriorate and lose functionality, either because of UV damage, clogged gutters, high humidity levels or mold growth. With replacement, you also improve energy efficiency and heat retain in your home.

5. A Refreshed Bathroom

The same rule for the kitchen applies for bathrooms as well. The only difference is that bathrooms are more vulnerable to damage from poor drainage systems. To upgrade your bathroom the right way you should dig a bit deeper and improve its overall functionality.

But If everything is working fine already, then investing in a second bathroom or adding some extra touches to the one you already have are highly recommended. You can look into window replacement like replacing your old windows with awning windows to allow better air breeze. You can also change the tiles and vanities or even repaint the faucets. Get creative with your bathroom but also always have in mind your budget limits.

Tips for Beginners

There have been situations where homeowners invest a ton of money on kitchen and bathroom renovations but ignore other important parts like the roof, basement and exterior. This has usually resulted in buyers turning heads the other way or doing tough negotiations on the pricing. So our main suggestion is this: Try to spread the renovations all around the home. Do not upgrade only 2 areas, split the money and upgrade more parts.

So change the bathroom vanities, but also add outdoor lighting. Replace the windows but also replace the garage door. Add another sump pump in the basement, but also buy new unique gutters and increase curb appeal.

But, if your budget is really tight and you can afford only one to two upgrades, make sure to advertise the heck out of them. Make those renovations your selling points and dazzle the viewers with your sales skills. Remember not to oversell, as home buyers will start to suspect something being wrong and smudged over.

About Marble Tradition

Marble Tradition is a local manufacturer of cultured marble, cultured granite and cultured onyx. We specialize in making luxury bathroom products such as bathtub surrounds, bathroom accessories, bathroom vanities, and many more for your bathrooms and one of a kind spaces.

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