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How Do I Upgrade My House?

How Do I Upgrade My House?

Did you start to get bored with your home? Do not worry, it’s very common to start not liking the place you live in. This can start occurring for a number of reasons. Some of them are lack of aesthetics, lack of entertainment and poor functionality.

Usually, if a person has to unclog the toilet or vacuum the carpets frequently, he or she becomes tired and bored. So free your home from every low-quality amenity and give it a new spirit by doing some of these funky upgrades:

1. Make Your Garden Enjoyable

The first thing a person notice is a house’s exterior. Having a messy garden is like not combing your hair before you go out. If nicely renovated, the outside area can become a place for relaxing, entertaining with guests and building family memories.

So besides planting some flowers here and there, add swinging chairs, barbeques, hardwood decks and even ping pong tables. Trust me, if you do this everyone will come knocking at your door on the sunny Saturday mornings.

2. Change the Way You Treat the Windows

We often times ignore window treatments and take them for granted. However, the type of curtains and blinds influences the house in many ways. First, it adds aesthetic value, but most importantly in also participates in keeping your home heated in winter and cool in summer. You can choose from a variety of curtains, made of different materials and patterns. Just remember, the type of window treatment you have will either make or break a room.

3. Window Replacement

Some experts even suggest window replacement. It doesn’t cost much and it also adds home value. Having new and modern windows makes a great home upgrade as it increases energy efficiency, reduces bills and gives a nice finishing touch to a home’s look. If you cannot afford to replace your windows, then get that paintbrush and start making your windows more colorful and intriguing. Contact your local windows and doors company to get a free estimate on window replacement for your home!

4. Add Some Colors

Everyone has stuff we don’t need and place them either in the basement or the attic. This is one of the reasons why homeowners frequently face mold growth and pesticides in these rooms and exactly why you should find a more creative solution for storage.

A feng shui life-changing advice is to store everything in neatly organized boxes or baskets. You can buy some cute or colorful ones and place them on a shelf in the rooms. This way you add colors and prints to the environment, while also keeping track of needed objects which can be exceptionally helpful, especially in bathrooms.

5. Kitchen Renovation

Nothing says luxury like a nice looking kitchen. If you have watched those reality TV shows where people buy new houses like House Hunters, you have probably noticed everyone asking about kitchen countertops and amenities. Having ceramic, marble or granite will most definitely increase home value.

Also repainting those old and crappy cabinets with a sharp green or elegant pink will give the place some warmth and investing in printed teapots, plates and cutting boards will make doing the dishes much more enjoyable. You can also install new tiles or a water filter in the kitchen sink. A great way to reduce on using plastic water bottles and save the environment.

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Marble Tradition is a local manufacturer of cultured marble, cultured granite and cultured onyx. We specialize in making luxury bathroom products such as bathtub surrounds, bathroom accessories, bathroom vanities, and many more for your bathrooms and one of a kind spaces.

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