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How to Protect Your House from Flooding

How to Protect Your House from Flooding

Home floods aren’t something one can joke about. They can lead to extreme health and foundation damage. Some types of floods, like those from sewer backups, even carry hazardous bacteria and infections in the water.

That is why floods shouldn’t be ignored and why every household should be properly equipped to withstand the rainy and snowy seasons. Better to start doing something sooner, them letting floods develop into a more complicated issue.

The number one way for flood protection is basement waterproofing, but your job doesn’t end there as you always need to keep track and upgrade your home’s efficiency.

Regular Maintenance

Advice like regular maintenance may sound silly to some, but the leading cause of basement flooding is damaged drainage systems. And before you decide to skip this step, just take a look at some consequences of not maintaining the health of your home:

  • Trees – If you do not hydrate the trees regularly, they will start looking for additional water sources such as sewer lines, pipes and sump pumps. This will satisfy the trees, but it will clog and even break parts of the drainage system
  • Gutters – When left unclean, gutters clog and cause water leaks in the attic. After a while, that excess waters enter the inside of your walls, travelling from room to room and causing mold growth and floor cracks, sometimes even floods
  • Sump Pump – Most homeowners buy sump pumps with lids to reduce the amount of debris build-up and therefore need of maintenance. But those types should be regularly cleaned as well since if clogged they will cease to function and cause water overflow.
  • Drainage Pipes – If you don’t properly dispose of cooking oil or if your pipes are old and rusty, debris can build up and clog their pathways. Thorough cleanups are done either by drain snakes or homemade cleaning recipes.

Sump Pump

Do sump pumps prevent flooding? Yes, sump pumps eliminate moisture and divert water away from the foundation of your home.

Lots of homeowners don’t know what a sump pump is even though they have 1 or 2 of them pumping down in their basement. A sump pump is the main mechanism of basement waterproofing that gathers all excess water through pipes and later pumps it out of your home to a proper disposal area.

A sump pump made from low-quality material will do more damage than it will good. Also, you should have in mind that size matters and the sump pumps should fit and mustn’t be too big or too small. Additionally, the installation process should be professionally done as well since even the slightest mistake can ruin your whole basement and drainage system.

Upgrading a sump pump means either purchasing an additional one, replacing its old parts with more advanced ones or installing a backwater valve. So when the sewer waters decide to enter your home due to a massive clog in the pipes, the valve will stop their path by shutting the main entrance to your home – the sump pump. Another affordable way to upgrade the sump pump is to install a backup generator which will enable its functionality even if a storm shuts down power in the home.

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