We understand a bathroom renovation is a big decision and investment.  Which is why we take the time to make a plan with you and consider your space, layout, style, functionality and budget.  We will help you utilize your space to it’s maximum potential, whether it’s designing a spa like remodel or a simple upgrade.  During your renovation, we’ll be sure to keep the line of communication open while keeping within the timeline and budget.  We get the job done right the first time, while respecting your space and time.  We’ll be sure your new bathroom will be safe, easy to clean and durable for years to come, while adding value to your home.  We work with homeowners, contractors, subcontractors and designers alike.  Our ability to build custom shower bases, panels and vanity tops, allows you to personalize your bathroom to look exactly the way you want it.  Because we manufacture our products right here in our Cambridge factory, we can customize almost any size, shape and style.

Whether you’ve decided on a full bathroom renovation or a simple bathroom improvement…We’re here to help!  Enjoy luxurious cultured marble and granite for grout free excellence.

Marble Tradition Can Add Value and Enjoyment to Your Home

At Marble Tradition, we've been helping homeowners like you to beautify their kitchens and bathrooms, adding resale value and enjoyment to their homes for more than a generation.  We'd love to help you too!
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