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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Countertops

Pros and Cons of Different Bathroom Countertop Materials

Do you remember the first time you decided to make your bathroom look nicer? Were you not overwhelmed with options that were available, as well with the lack of knowledge in different materials involved in renovating your bathroom?

You probably found everyone that you talked to give you different advice. You spent countless of hours researching and deciding how to proceed with your renovation.

Well, hopefully this article will help you save some time and to understand the pros and cons of different bathroom countertop materials.

Below are 4 different bathroom countertop materials:

1. Laminate

This is a cheap option and gives a lot of flexibility in style. The main upside of Laminate is the price. You can get laminate installed for as low as $15/sq foot. The downside of laminate is that it can easily be damaged by sharp objects and it doesn’t look as nice as some of the other options available.

2. Granite

Granite is far more expensive that Laminate. Each stone slab is unique. The heat will not damage the Granite. It is safe to work on and cuts will never show. However, corners and edges can chip and when that happens you need a professional to fix them.  Polished and matte finishes resisted most stains when properly sealed.

Gran­ite needs periodic resealing. Granite will cost you anywhere between $50-$80 per sq foot installed. Compared to Quartz, Granite is a natural stone and has little imperfections and color variations that make it very unique and pleasant on the eye.

3. Quartz

Quartz is designed to mimic stone and it is a man-made product. It is in and around the same price as Granite. Some homeowners decide on Quartz because like Granite, it is very hard to damage and can handle heat and sharp objects pretty well. Unlike Granite though, it requires less maintenance and it’s more durable than Granite. The price of installed quartz countertop per sq/foot will run you between $50-$80.

4. Marble

Marble countertops will add a lot of elegance to your kitchen and help you increase the value of your home. Every slab of stone carries its own unique pattern and color. Small nicks and scratches can be polished out, but marble can chip easily. It needs to be resealed from time to time. On sealed marble most stains wiped away with water. The cost of installed Marble is anywhere between $70-150 per/sq foot.

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