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What Is The Average Cost To Remodel Your Bathroom?

What Is The Average Cost To Remodel Your Bathroom?

Planning a bathroom renovation may seem like a daunting task, but if you are properly prepared you can get the look and style touches you want all while staying on budget. Your bathroom gets a lot of use from family members and guests alike, so it is no wonder bathroom upgrades top many homeowner’s to-do lists.

The cost of your bathroom renovation can vary depending on the size of the room, the type of finishes chosen, and if the layout of the room is being changed or left as is. On average homeowners spend more on upgrading their master bathroom but will benefit from the increased functionality during daily use and will have the greatest return on investment if they decide to sell their home in the future.

Prior to having a bathroom contractor come to your home to look at the space, it is a good idea to take note of what characteristics of your bathroom you are unhappy with, what are your top priorities, and what is your vision for how space will function and look post remodel. Finally, know your budget. We suggest having a like to spend figure and a maximum figure to guide your choices on fit and finish.

We have broken down the typical cost of remodeling the different bathrooms in your home below.

Master Bathroom

Remodel Might Involve:

  • New vanity with marble or granite top, sink, and faucet
  • Newly upgraded soaker tub and/or a new shower with frameless glass enclosure
  • New floor and wall tile
  • New lighting and mirrors
  • Fresh paint

Potential Cost of Remodel: $25,000 – $35,000

Guest Bathroom

Remodel Might Involve:

  • New Vanity with updated faucet
  • New bathtub and shower enclosure
  • New tile
  • Updated lighting
  • New wallpaper

Potential Cost of Remodel: $12,000 – $22,500

Powder Room

Remodel Might Involve:

  • New Vanity with updated faucet
  • New toilet
  • New tile
  • New lighting
  • Fresh paint or new wallpaper

Potential Cost of Remodel: $4,000 – $10,000

The listed potential costs of the bathroom remodels noted above are to be used as a guide, as it is possible to complete a partial or basic update for less than mentioned above and it is very easy to balloon your budget to well over $100,000 if you decide to go with high-end materials and finishes.

Bathroom features, material costs, and labour are all expected costs when budgeting for your renovation. However, there are always additional costs that you may need to consider adding into your budget or at least have an emergency reserve set aside for.

Permits and inspections are typically not a big expense but should be accounted for in your budgets.

Unexpected issues tend to pop up during renovations, in a bathroom, you shouldn’t be surprised to find some water damage due to leaks. Depending on the extent of the damage this may be a non-factor or a very large added expense. If your home is getting up in years, you may also find issues with the existing plumbing or electrical, again leading to additional costs to replace.

If you are hiring the different trades yourself versus using a one-stop bathroom renovation company you may face additional costs due to delays. Let’s say your shower glass guys are on site ready to install the frameless enclosure, but your tile guys haven’t finished the shower yet. The glass guys will need to reschedule to return another day, leading to additional delays and potential costs of rescheduling.

Have a solid plan in place prior to beginning your bathroom renovation. Your plan should include you must have and nice to have features, as well as a target budget and a max budget making sure to leave a little room for the unexpected.

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