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Where Do You Get Fresh Remodeling Ideas From?

Remodeling rooms in your home can both be a fun time and a huge hassle, especially if you don’t know what you want to do. For those of us that aren’t as creatively gifted as others, it can be a hard time imagining how to move around furniture or add new decorative pieces and have everything look good. But thats ok, there are many resources at your disposal, and the internet has helped a lot with this one.

Here are 3 best places to get fresh remodeling ideas from:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a fairly popular online social media platform that allows users to post pictures, gifs, and videos. Pinterest is a sort of online bulletin board, where you can categorize and organize your pictures and others that have posted them. It mainly deals with pictures, but also includes short videos and gifs. The site is extremely popular for both cooking and home decorating. Here you can find many before and after pictures of remodels other people have done to their home. You can also find small businesses that post pictures and even offer discounts and coupons. Pinterest is a good option if you are looking for artistic and decorative improvements to rooms, or just want a fresh start in your bedroom or kitchen.


HGTV, or Home & Garden TV, is a media company that centres around shows dealing with home improvement and real estate. They have a number of different shows, some specializing in complete home renovation, and others that focus on remodelling or decorating. They also have lots of writings and blogs on DIY decorating and is a good source for inspiration. Their website has regular blogs on a variety of different topics to help home owners spice up their homes, or get that dream room remodel they’ve always wanted.

3. Instagram

Instagram is similar to Pinterest, using only pictures and videos. Here you can also find great before and after pictures of remodels. There are great pages to follow for specific bathroom or kitchen remodels, and also lots of regular user pictures that they upload of their own homes. Its an application for people to share their processes and journeys with the renovation or remodel, and a great app to draw ideas for your own projects from.

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