Shower Glass

Many homeowners are transforming a standard shower stall with curtains into a more elegant alternative. A glass shower door can bring stunning appeal and add value to your bathroom. Here are a few significant advantages of choosing glass shower doors.

Allows more light to flow in. - Not only does this look better visually, but it also allows more visibility inside the shower.  It creates and airy, light, modern looking space.

Your Bathroom will appear larger.  - A traditional shower curtain cuts off your views from your bathroom. A closed shower curtain acts as a wall, which makes the room appear smaller.  A glass shower door will open up your bathroom to make it appear larger and more prominent.

Improve the Value of Your Home- A high quality glass door could add value to your home by opening up your bathroom, creating a modern, airy space.

Easy to Clean- All kinds of bacteria and mold form on shower curtains and liners, which could cause health problems.   Not to mention the soap scum and mildew that can be extremely challenging to keep clean.  A frameless shower door is kept clean easily by using a squeegee, ideally after each use.

Customizable- Shower doors made of glass are customizable to meet the unique requirements of your bathroom.

Marble Tradition Can Add Value and Enjoyment to Your Home

At Marble Tradition, we've been helping homeowners like you to beautify their kitchens and bathrooms, adding resale value and enjoyment to their homes for more than a generation.  We'd love to help you too!
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